Ever wondered how big data can be used to curb childhood-obesity? Do you want to use super-computers to decipher ancient texts? Are you looking for an opportunity to be at the nexus of technology and humanity?

The Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity models integrative, interdisciplinary learning by combining a superb liberal arts education in Cornell's College of Arts & Sciences with cutting-edge programs and courses for undergraduates at Cornell Tech, Cornell's new  graduate campus in New York City on Roosevelt Island.

Its goal is to cultivate innovative and creative leaders across a broad spectrum of fields—leaders who are both tech-savvy and steeped in humanistic values. 

The program aims to have 25 students per class with two points of entry; the first upon admission, and the second at the end of the freshman year, for a total of 100 Milstein students on campus


Many experts believe that we are in the “second inning” of the technological revolution, a term coined by Tom Friedman. After a first inning of great growth, adoption and enthusiasm for every conceivable technology, we are now stepping back to analyze the impacts.


Watch this panel discussion, "Building Bridges Between Ithaca and Cornell Tech," which took place during Trustee-Council Annual Meeting/Homecoming weekend in 2017 and highlights the partnerships between our campuses in Ithaca and New York City. The event was moderated by President Martha E. Pollack and featured the deans of the College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell Tech and the Faculty of Computing and Information Science.


High school applicants interested in being considered for the Milstein Program should indicate their interest by checking the Milstein Program interest box on the Common App when applying to Cornell. Click below for more information

High School Student Interest


Freshman in Arts and Sciences interested in being considered for the Milstein Program can find more information at the link below.

A&S Freshman Interest Form


For updates about the Milstein Program, click below to sign up for our e-newsletter.

E-News Signup


How can I find out what current Milstein students are doing?

There are plenty of places where you can see Milstein students and what they're doing on and off campus. You can visit any of our social media pages, check out our events, or take a look at our student projects!

How many Milstein program students will be selected each year?

25 from each class, for a total of 100 students in the program when it reaches full capacity.

What kind of students are you looking for?

Milstein students will come from a broad array of majors, but with a common interest in integrating their studies with technology and the digital world. We are looking for dedicated scholars who have excelled in a variety of subjects, have strong math skills, and who show leadership and a breadth of activities.

How will participants be selected?

Applications will be reviewed by admissions deans, as well as a committee of faculty.

What are the benefits of the program?

Students will choose from among the 40 majors offered in the College of Arts & Sciences but they will also receive access to a special computer science and technology curriculum while in Ithaca. Two summers will be spent at the Cornell Tech campus in New York City, learning from leaders in the technology, industry and design spaces.

Will I take special classes only for Milstein students?

Yes, Milstein students will take advantage of customized introductory and capstone courses, connecting them to emerging fields and new university projects.

Will there be other undergraduates studying at Cornell Tech?

For now, this is the only formal program that connects undergraduates at the Ithaca campus to the resources of Cornell Tech, which focuses on graduate study.

What if I'm not sure of my major?

Most students declare their major at the end of their sophomore year and the college encourages you to use your first two years to explore the possibilities. All first-years start as undecided/undeclared students.

Where will I live during the summers at Cornell Tech?

Milstein students will live together in The House at Cornell Tech, a dormitory on Roosevelt Island and the tallest and largest Passive House residential building in the world.


"The Milstein Program will make its way not just into the humanities, but into thinking about science and technology in relation to other questions of values and ethics and images and design, all of which are fundamental questions about the relationship between the digital environment and our collective future."

–Amy Villarejo
Milstein Program Director

Learn more about the vision for the program.

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